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Why Solar?

Put Money In Your Pocket:
Not only will you cut your electric bill, but you will also be safeguarded from the annual rising cost of electricity, which nationwide averages 5%. The money saved is tax-free income. If that's not enough, you qualify for financial bonuses from the government to pay for your system and get tax breaks while it is in use.

Solar Power is a Smart Investment:
The savings generated as a percentage of the cost equals your return on investment (ROI). This long-term return for going solar typically outperforms most conventional investments such as Treasury bonds and CDs.

Increase Your Property Value:
For every $1 reduction in annual utility bills, add $20 to the value of your home. For example, if you save $1000 in energy expenses in year one, you add $20,000 to the resale value of your home.

Solar Power is Environmentally Friendly:
A solar electric system will substantially reduce your carbon footprint - solar power is pollution-free, does not create any greenhouse gases, and is renewable. Without moving parts, it is also noise-free.

Given our source of power is free and widespread, solar electricity can be generated anywhere.

Energy Independence:
With solar power, you will be less dependent on the utility company and foreign oil.

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