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Getting Started

Step 1: Consultation
To begin, we will speak over the phone to review the suitability of your property for solar power. We can look at satellite photos of the home or business in order to determine how a system could work best for you. Have an electric bill handy so that we can use your current power usage to size the system correctly.

Step 2: Site Evaluation
A representative will then come to your property to evaluate your roof. Shading, orientation and structural condition of your home or building are all assessed in completing your analysis. A computerized tool allows us to estimate the efficiency of your system, all of which goes into a full proposal.

Step 3: System Design/Financing
Once you have received and approved your solar proposal, Simplex Solar will arrange and coordinate pre-approval of your solar system for federal and state incentives. Prior to installation, we will apply for all the necessary state and local permits.

Step 4: Utility Interconnection
Simplex Solar will guide you in arranging for interconnection of your system with your energy provider, which will allow for net metering. We will review and prepare all materials needed for this process.

Step 5: Installation
Our licensed and insured installers will fully connect and set up your solar system. The amount of time to install your system varies by size.

Step 6: Inspection
After installation, a representative of the local permitting office may inspect your new solar system. If needed, a copy of this inspection will be provided to the incentive programs.

Step 7: Enjoy the benefits of CLEAN SOLAR POWER
The rewards of your solar system will last a lifetime. We guarantee our work for 5 years. In addition, the solar panels carry a warranty for 25 years, so you will benefit from lower utility costs and environmentally friendly power for a long time to come.

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