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FAQ - Solar Thermal

What is a solar water heating appliance?
Solar water heating appliances provide potable hot water and space heating using the sun's energy instead of traditional energy sources. Simplex Solar offers products that provide environmentally clean, competitively priced, energy solutions for a range of heating applications.

How much electricity does a Solar Hot Water appliance produce?
None. For hot water applications, the SHW appliance replaces over half of the electricity, natural gas, oil or propane you purchase from your utility company, with free solar energy from the sun. The appliance heats cold water to hot water tap temperature or higher (usually 50 degrees Celsius; 120 degrees Fahrenheit)

Will heating water with solar energy save me money?
In the north-eastern United States, the free solar energy you get from the sun will deliver summertime savings of 85% and winter saving of 35% for a year-round savings of up to 60% on your utility hot water heating bill.

How much does the appliance cost?
The primary factors affecting the size and cost of an SHW system are the number of people in the household and the amount of hot water used. In order to get an individualized quote, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Why would I want to buy a Solar Water Heating Appliance?
SHW appliances offer these benefits:

  1. Cuts hot water heating costs by half or more
  2. Reduces the impact of rising electricity, gas and oil prices
  3. Offers cost competitive and environmentally friendly, distributed green energy
  4. Offers a practical and inexpensive way for home owners to support sustainable, pollution-free energy solutions
  5. Contributes to a healthier environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (like CO2)

SHW appliances are dependable; they do not affect how you use your hot water and they require little maintenance.

How does a solar thermal work?
Solar energy, in the form of heat, is collected by solar collectors and is transferred thought a heat exchanger to your potable hot water. The appliance works in all seasons, is freeze protected and is designed to reduce, not replace, your existing natural gas, electric, oil or propane hot water and home heating service. The appliance does not affect the quantity of hot water produced or the speed at which cold water is heated, making it an ideal environmental solution.

How dependable is the Solar Water Heating Appliance?
The solar water heating appliance combines the dependability of conventional fuels (natural gas, electricity, oil propane, etc.) with free energy from the sun. The appliance requires minimal service every 3 years and has an expected lifespan of over 20 years.

How is the appliance installed?
In residential applications one to four solar collectors (4 ft x 8ft x 3in.) resembling thin skylights, are mounted on your roof, fence, or ground mounted rack. An insulated, flexible fluid line runs from the roof to the hot water tank(s). Once connected, the solar water heating appliance is quickly ready for everyday use.

Simplex Solar can scale a SHW system up to provide the same benefits to commercial users of hot water and other thermal operations like food services, hospitality, multi-family accommodation, car washes, community centers, agriculture, industrial process and government buildings.

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